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Online ordering via the new ordering system inONE

With Fish XL, you can also order your products online.

Free online order (24 hours / 7 days a week)
Bestelbox by inONE is an online ordering system for the hospitality industry, which you can enjoy when you purchase from Fish XL. With Bestelbox, orders can be made online with a single login code at all participating vendors. inONE is independent and is not involved in any marketing or logistics.

Updated information

All of the latest information, including promotions and changes in price, is directly available to you. This allows you to make informed purchases.

Personalised Orders

It is easy to create a personalised order for each of your new menus. Then all you need to do is simply specify the desired quantity for each product.

Time-saving and security

You can enter your orders digitally over the internet according to your own requirements (via your tablet, smartphone or computer). These orders go directly into the Fish XL system. Because you order digitally, there is no ambiguity and your order will always be correct. Handwritten unclear faxes are a thing of the past.
You can also have an order confirmation sent directly to document that the order arrives at your dealer.

How do you sign up?

Call +31 (0) 113 570 508 or email to ask about your free account. We will communicate your order history directly via inONE.

Top quality, solution-oriented, team player, good price quality ratio and not unimportant always fun!
Ralph Hermans – Chef cook / owner of Rantrée restaurant in Maastricht

For fresh fish and shellfish we trust Fish XL. Every day the best products delivered freshly at your door!
Carlo Preserve – Chef cook of Kasteeltje Hattem in Roermond

Fresh and reliable with a good dose of common sense Zeeland!
Edwin Soumang – Chef cook / owner Restaurant One, Roermond

“Fish XL is a supplier who thinks along with the chef”
Otto Nijenhuis, Château St. Gerlach, Maastricht’s