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Sea greens

Fish XL also supplies sea greens such as samphire and sea lavender. These special vegetables are deliciously fresh and slightly salty… a real delight! They make perfect accompaniments for a large range of dishes, particularly fish. Sea greens are a perfect way to add colour, texture, taste and a hint of sophistication to your menus, so take advantage of this unique and special ingredient today!

Top quality, solution-oriented, team player, good price quality ratio and not unimportant always fun!
Ralph Hermans – Chef cook / owner of Rantrée restaurant in Maastricht

For fresh fish and shellfish we trust Fish XL. Every day the best products delivered freshly at your door!
Carlo Preserve – Chef cook of Kasteeltje Hattem in Roermond

Fresh and reliable with a good dose of common sense Zeeland!
Edwin Soumang – Chef cook / owner Restaurant One, Roermond

“Fish XL is a supplier who thinks along with the chef”
Otto Nijenhuis, Château St. Gerlach, Maastricht’s