Fresh fish of premium
every day
scales of fresh fish:
shiny flakes that glint
the salty gold of the Zeeland shore fresh oysters
a gift from nature
lobsters a pure
and indulgent delicacy
North Sea shrimp
incomparably delicious
stingray - a flat fish
that doesn't taste flat
a favourite
and irresistible
shellfish at its finest Fish XL: a passionate team
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logo_MSCNo one can deny the importance of protecting the environment, especially not Fish XL. Our success depends on the health and bounty of the ocean! We believe in and wholeheartedly support sustainability in the fishing industry.

Fish XL does its part to preserve and respect the species in our ocean. To ensure that our customers can continue to enjoy the very best (and plentiful) fish and seafood, we support only sustainable fishing practices so that the ecosystem is maintained for generations to come.

Our fish and other sea produce have been awarded the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. This means that we meet the MSC’s environmental standards for sustainable fishing. So, when you buy from Fish XL, you can be confident that your fish and seafood is ethically sourced from stocks that can replenish themselves!

Top quality, solution-oriented, team player, good price quality ratio and not unimportant always fun!
Ralph Hermans – Chef cook / owner of Rantrée restaurant in Maastricht

For fresh fish and shellfish we trust Fish XL. Every day the best products delivered freshly at your door!
Carlo Preserve – Chef cook of Kasteeltje Hattem in Roermond

Fresh and reliable with a good dose of common sense Zeeland!
Edwin Soumang – Chef cook / owner Restaurant One, Roermond

“Fish XL is a supplier who thinks along with the chef”
Otto Nijenhuis, Château St. Gerlach, Maastricht’s